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   Homeplace, oil 24 x 30

Thanks to the miracle of natural selection the human animal developed two different means of communicating with the members of his tribe, the language of consensus and the language of art. The former proved useful for conveying information: which plants and berries are safe to eat, how to make tools, where’s the best hunting ground. The latter allowed him to share through pictures, stories, music, and movement the deeper, more intimate reality of his unique and personal experience, his dreams, his complex feelings, and the intangible truth of his spirit. The language of consensus was useful for daily existence, but the language of art, with its ability to give expression to the inexpressible, was essential to survival.

The unintended consequence of this new age of instant communication has been a disconnect from reality as individuals are sucked deeper and deeper into a electronic abyss that removes them from feelings. Making art for me has become increasingly about slowing down, observing the world around me with greater intensity, and allowing me to share my personal responses to my subjects with others. I can only hope this will invite the viewer to slow down as well, observing, savoring, meditating, and perhaps retaining some shreds of a fast disappearing world.

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